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GDA - GameDev Atlantic

We take immense pride in being a sponsor of GameDev Atlantic (GDA), an event that plays a crucial role in celebrating and nurturing the growth of the game development industry in Atlantic Canada. Through GDA, we actively strengthen the connections and communication among game studios, developers, and students.

This exciting day-long conference offers a diverse range of lectures and panels, providing attendees with valuable insights and knowledge. Our commitment to fostering growth doesn't end there. The GDA Expo is a fantastic platform that showcases the latest game development tools and services, featuring local providers and game studios from across Atlantic Canada.


As part of our dedication to the game development community, we proudly support the ISNS Mentor Lounge—a dedicated space where GDA attendees can take a well-deserved break from the learning sessions, relax, and network with new people. In this vibrant setting, they can also enjoy micro talks and explore a job board that highlights hiring game companies.


At Maritime Digital Art and Design, we are excited to be part of such a dynamic and enriching event like GameDev Atlantic. Join us as we celebrate creativity, collaboration, and innovation in the game development world!




For more detailed information about GameDev Atlantic (GDA) and its exciting offerings, we invite you to visit There, you will find comprehensive details about the event schedule, speakers, exhibitors, and all the incredible opportunities it presents for the game development industry in Atlantic Canada.


Join us in this remarkable celebration of creativity, learning, and networking within the gaming community. Discover how GDA fosters growth and strengthens connections among game studios, developers, and students. We look forward to seeing you at the event!

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